Like I said previously I started to do different kind of exercice to get better with my drawings. 

And for this one I got inspired by this book :

And this artist more precisely Mike Lowery

I find that making a shape in color and sometime specify a subject help me to get out of the things I would usely draw and also make me improve my own style and find interesting characters to maybe use later.

So here are my drawings inspired by this book and artist :

For those last three, I enjoyed drawing with one of my friend, if you can spot wish one you're good :


What happened today

Here is an exercice I decided to do by practicing Bande Dessinée (Comics). It's really simple, I draw what happened during my day, it's the easyest way to start to draw a story, I guess. And I also want to try different styles each time. Again so sorry for the bad quality :-S
So voila my two first!



I started to revise my anatomy after I realize i was really rusty and I thought that if I had to do it again better do it with a new method. So I choose to follow Andrew Loomis who I just discovered and heard that a lot of artist started with him. And now after a few months following his way, I discover myself drawing characters moving. It just feel so good when you realize your improvement.